Monday, August 2, 2010

Great Review for HUNGRY FOR YOUR LOVE in PW!

I am so thrilled with this!

Hungry for Your Love
Edited by Lori Perkins, St. Martin's Griffin , $14.99 paper (384p) ISBN 978-0-312-65079-7
Perkins (Cowboy Lover) collects 21 zombie romance stories full of humor, horror, and love. Jaime Saare's "I Heart Brains" has an SF twist: a man infected with "the z-virus" shopping in a megamart for a gently used replacement body. In Jan Kozlowski's powerful "First Love Never Dies," a police detective learns of an undead sex slave operation run by his ex's abusive father. In Regina Riley's poignant "Undying Love," a long-suffering zombie seeks his lost lover. Gina McQueen's "Apocalypse as Foreplay," Jeanine McAdam's "Inhuman Resources," and Dana Fredsti's "First Date" are zippy stories about the sexy turn-on of successful zombie hunting. Stacy Brown's "The Magician's Apprentice" offers chills as a woman willingly gives up every bit of herself to please a man. Michael Marshall Smith's "Later" makes one man's heartbreak palpable when his girlfriend has a fatal accident. Voodoo magic, zombie-creating viruses, and inexplicable zombie apocalypses all make appearances, but effective storytelling moves beyond the reanimation and into the hearts and minds of the characters. (Oct.)


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Linda Crotta Brennan said...

You should be. How wonderful!

Rebecca Leigh said...

Fabulous! So glad others are seeing what we've known since original release...... Hungry for your Love is an awesome collection! Congrats to RR and the authors!

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